Announcing A New Addition to the Team

I’m excited to announce that Anthony Bernardi will be joining the Blue Moon Wisconsin team, both as a contributor to the blog, and as a co-host for our Blue Moon Wisconsin Podcast (coming soon!).

Anthony and I met on the Democratic Coordinated Campaign in Madison during the 2016 general election. At that time, we were both fellows with the campaign that were looking to get Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold, and other Democrats elected here in Wisconsin. Anthony did an incredible job helping run the data side of the campaign out of our office just off of State Street in Downtown Madison. His work (and that of countless others like Brianna Koerth and Michael Basch who were among the Field Organizers directing our work) helped us reach our targeted goal of doors and volunteer shifts during Early Voting, and GOTV. Without his efforts, we wouldn’t have gotten Hillary Clinton past Barack Obama’s vote total in Dane County that year.

Since then, Anthony has dedicated much of his time working for progressive causes. Anthony volunteered in the early stages of Josh Kaul’s successful statewide campaign for Attorney General here in Wisconsin in 2017. He then worked for Dan Koh’s Congressional campaign as a Field Organizer in the Third Congressional District of Massachusetts during the 2018 Democratic Primary. He also worked as a volunteer for Amy McGrath’s campaign in the Kentucky 6th Congressional District during the 2018 General Election.

Anthony brings a fun, but grounded and informed perspective to the site. His extensive background in the field, and his expertise in election data in particular, will provide the site with a unique perspective.

I can’t wait for all of you to hear from him soon!

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