Introducing Myself, Breaking the Ice, & Laying the Path Forward

Hello everyone!

In the wake of Dan’s announcement, I wanted to take some time to personally introduce myself, talk about why I’m here, and lay out what I’m hoping to do as we head toward 2020. Whether you feel like the 2018 midterm elections were just yesterday, or you’re having to stop yourself from sprinting to the voting booth for a primary election, I’m hoping to shed some light on the election process, statewide dynamics, and most importantly, what we can do.

To give some background and introduce myself, I got my “start” in politics by working on the Wisconsin Coordinated Campaign in Madison in 2016. My experience on this campaign taught me that even in a Nationwide, billion-dollar campaign, politics at their core are intensely personal. I talked to hundreds, and maybe even thousands of volunteers in the months I was on that campaign, and it seemed as if each of them had a unique, intimate reason to spend their nights and weekends working to elect a candidate they’ve never met but that they fully believe in.

If this hagiographic re-telling of a historically bad election cycle wasn’t evidence enough, I’d caught the bug. After the catastrophe that was 2016, I’d spent some time searching for organizations to fight back or at least hold a light to the current White House and at the time, the Governor’s Mansion. I began volunteering for the Josh Kaul for Attorney General campaign in its early days. This experience with a statewide race in its infancy helped me work as a Field Organizer for the Dan Koh for Congress campaign in Massachusetts throughout a 12-way primary, and then as a volunteer for the GOTV (“Get out the Vote” the critical, make-or-break four days before election day) for the Amy McGrath for Congress campaign in my home state of Kentucky.

So, as someone who’s bounced around in campaigns (and will likely continue to do so) you might ask, why here? Why now? All good questions! The easy answer is there remains unfinished business from Wisconsin and Dane County specifically in 2016, and that every Presidential election matters. The more complete answer, however, is that is more likely than not that the 2020 election comes down to Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, & Michigan. If that doesn’t make you want to crawl into a hole forever and plug your ears, you’re in the right place.

More specifically, I’m hoping to bring my experiences and interests on the data side of things to Wisconsin’s politics and races in 2020. That means looking at any flippable districts, any races to keep an eye on, or any Wisconsin-specific polling information that comes up and what it all means. For example, Change Research & Crooked Media released a poll earlier today headlined by President Trump’s approval rating throughout the state & how he compares to a Generic Democrat. What is of interest for this poll particularly, is how specific issues are tested regarding President Trump’s platform. I’ll be going more in-depth on these issues and how we can turn these findings into action heading into the election year.

Lastly and most importantly, I’d like to say thank you all for taking the time to read this, and I’m excited to be on this journey with you as we ensure that both Madison and Washington truly represent the will of the people.


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