Holding the Wisconsin GOP Legislature Accountable

One of our stated goals here at Blue Moon Wisconsin is that we want to make state politics more accessible to people.

So much of our modern media environment is consumed, rightly by some extent, with what’s going on with the federal government. That’s because so many of the crucial and complex issues that we face are things that the federal government has the most tools at their disposal to solve. However, this federal-centric focus causes us to overlook the government that’s often times even more directly responsible for the policies that affect our day-to-day lives: our state government.

In the coming weeks and months, we will try to provide you, our readers (and listeners when our podcast launches soon) with an in-depth analysis of what’s going on in our state government. In particular, our focus will be on holding one particular branch of government accountable for their actions. This is a branch of government that, for too long, hasn’t been held responsible for a lot of shady actions they’ve taken: the Republican-controlled state legislature.

According to an April poll of this state by the Marquette Law School, 50% of Wisconsinites said that they approved of the job that our state legislature was doing. However, on policy question after policy question, a majority of Wisconsinites said they agreed with Democratic policy proposals, often by large majorities. These are often the exact same policy proposals that our state legislature is currently blocking, most of the time without even bringing the legislation up for a vote.

These policies include: the Medicaid expansion, legalization of medical marijuana, as well as legalization of marijuana for the entire state, providing substantially more funding to special education (Republicans provided significantly less funding in the budget that was passed than what education advocates said was needed), raising the minimum wage, as well as a number of reforms to our criminal justice system that would help us battle mass incarceration.

Not only will we highlight this disparity between what people want and what the GOP legislature is doing, but we also plan on holding the GOP accountable for the corrupt actions they’ve taken too.

Some of the actions we hope to highlight: their failed promises around FoxConn, Republican lawmakers who are landlords writing and passing legislation that benefit themselves at the expense of renters and everyone else, State Assembly Leader Robin Vos’s disgusting war with a handicapped Democratic State Representative, racist comments made by State Assembly representative Robert Brooks (my current state representative) and the refusal of others to condemn Donald Trump’s racist comments, borrowing over a billion dollars in money from other states to balance our budget while pretending that their policies were why our budget sheet got balanced, cutting taxes for the wealthiest among us, as well as their attempts to grab power in a way that undermines our constitutional system and democratic principles.

So many important decisions are made at the state level. It’s time the Wisconsin GOP had their feet held to the fire.

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