Now is the Time To Take Action

One of the things we hope to accomplish here at Blue Moon Wisconsin is to try and spur people to action. We want to encourage people to be more active participants in our democracy. We want you to feel like your voice matters because it does!

Whether it’s calling or writing to your state or federal legislators urging them to pass a specific piece of legislation or advocating for a particular cause, or it’s donating and/or volunteering for progressive groups and causes, now is the time to take action to bring about real, substantive change! The work we need to put in to win in 2020 and beyond is happening right now, right here in Wisconsin!

Here are some upcoming events that I encourage you to check out, as well as some links to donate to groups who are putting in the work right now in our communities all across the state to turn Wisconsin blue:

A) Wisconsin Dems Upcoming Events

Last weekend, I wrote about some of the issues that plagued us in 2018 state legislative races. As I highlighted in that piece here, the Wisconsin Democratic Party, under the new leadership of Ben Wikler, has been taking many of the steps I outlined my article to try and remedy the issues that have undermined our state campaigns for much of the past nine years.

Here are some of the things we are doing right now that you can be a part of:

  1. Bridge-Building Canvasses: Over the next several weeks, we are planning canvasses all over the state where we will be knocking on the doors of voters who we know are registered to vote, but we don’t know the party affiliation of. The idea behind these canvasses isn’t just to identify the party ID of these voters, it’s to ask them about what issues are important to them and how they think all of our elected officials, from the President to the State Legislature, are doing on these core issues. We have two specific statewide weekends of action planned right now: One on the weekend of September 14-15, the other that’s exactly one year out from Election Day 2020 on the weekend of November 2-3. Several other canvasses are scheduled for this weekend as well. Check out the calendar here and see if there’s an event near you! The work we need to do on the ground to win is being done right now!
  2. Write Letters to Unregistered Voters to Encourage them to Register: Vote Forward is working in conjunction with organizations like Swing Left and the Wisconsin Dems in doing a targeted letter-writing campaign that’s encouraging prospective voters to register to vote here in Wisconsin. Sound like something you’d be interested in doing? Learn more here.
  3. Attend a County Party Meeting: Want to help out your local county party? Attend a local county party party meeting and help us plan events in your community. They’re helping us build the neighborhood teams that we need to be at our best when it comes to organizing. Make your voice heard!
  4. Sign-up to Volunteer for the DNC 2020 in Milwaukee: Want to help our state prepare for the huge convention in Milwaukee in 2020? Sign-up to volunteer right now. Everyone in the state can be a part of this process!
  5. Donate: We need money to be able to hire the field staff and build the organization we need in order to win in 2020. I encourage you to donate to the Wisconsin Dems directly here. You can donate to help with the DNC in Milwaukee here. I also encourage you to seek out donating to your local county party as well.

B) Other Ways to Get Involved

Looking for other ways to involved in the political process? Check out our take action page here to see what funds and organizations are out there for you to donate to or volunteer with. Don’t see one listed there? Let us know and we can add it to the list.

Now is the time to take action!

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