Journal Entry #3: Reasons for Hope

August 25, 2019

There’s been many times in the past two and half years where it feels like we’re helpless in this slow-motion car crash that is Donald Trump’s Presidency. No matter what we set out to do to fight the excesses of this administration, weeks like this one can make it seem like what we are doing isn’t quite enough to push back on him and the GOP.

This week was rough in many ways. The Trump Administration made a decision to deny people held in our custody, in the migrant detention centers we are running, from getting flu vaccinations. Not only will this put hundreds of peoples lives needlessly at risk in these facilities, it substantially increases the odds of a flu epidemic breaking out in the public at-large. This isn’t negligence. It’s cruel and, at best, reckless.

Another U.S. citizen was detained by law enforcement, this time in Louisiana. Ramon Torres was held in custody for four days by our government despite him having several documents on him that proved he was a citizen at the time that law enforcement talked to him. This is yet another explicit example of the discriminatory and racist policies that this administration is using to try and intimidate Latinos, and other minority communities.

President Trump went further off the rails as well. He cancelled a meeting with Denmark because they wouldn’t discuss his absolutely bat-shit crazy idea of selling Greenland to him. He backed off passing ANY gun control legislation after having a call with the NRA (so much for draining the swamp!). He sent the markets into a further tailspin by attacking the chair of the Federal Reserve, a person HE appointed to the job (you’re only a help to him until you refuse to do something he wants).

He also raised duties on imported goods from China after China retaliated for a previous set of new tariffs he ordered by imposing new tariffs of their own. He also said that he regretted not imposing further tariffs during his trade war with the country. His tariffs are already decimating farms and manufacturing in the Midwest, especially here in Wisconsin. These new duties and existing tariffs will only push us closer to a recession.

This is just SOME of what he did this week. It comes no where close to summarizing all of his crazy behavior, which only seems to be getting exponentially worse as time goes on.

Despite the shit-storm that he’s created, there are things going on that give me hope. Hope that we can end this disaster and still have some semblance of a bright future long left after Trump is long gone. Here are a few of those things.

Grassroots Energy

The grassroots energy we have right now is incredible!

This past Wednesday, we had around 20 people show up to our Ozaukee County Democrats monthly meeting in Saukville. Since I started attending these meetings again back in May, we’ve consistently had between 15-30 people showing up at every one of our meetings.

It wasn’t even 18 months ago that we had virtually no money on hand, and were lucky if more than two people showed up to our meetings. The energy we have on the ground here is unlike anything I’ve experienced in my near decade long run of working on campaigns in my home county.

The grassroots energy we have isn’t just limited to our county either. The Outagamie County Democrats had an excellent turnout yesterday for a Saturday morning canvass that they organized. The Waukesha County Dems had an insane amount of people show up to their monthly meeting recently as well, one where new Wis Dems Party Chair, Ben Wikler, attended.

The energy on the ground across this state is real. If you’re feeling angry or disappointed by what’s going on, take action! It’s why you should think about getting involved now.

New People Coming into the Fold

This grassroots energy we gave isn’t confined to those of us who’ve been involved in this work for a long time. A lot of the people I’m working with and I’m talking to are relatively new to the political process as well.

One of the volunteers I’ve been working with on Elizabeth Warren’s campaign here in Ozaukee County is a former school teacher. She’s done some volunteer work in the past for Democratic causes, but it was relatively limited in scope.

She’s helping me coordinate and plan events for Elizabeth Warren’s campaign. In fact, she’s taken the lead for a campaign event we have coming up in Cedarburg on September 19th (which I highly recommend you attend if you want to help us with Warren’s campaign here in Ozaukee County!).

Even though she’s inexperienced when it comes to doing campaign work, she’s been willing to take on role that may have previously been outside of her comfort zone because she believes in Elizabeth Warren, and still believes that there is hope that we can change things for the better! There are countless others like her too that are getting more actively involved in our political process as well. This is how we bring about change!

It’s about empowering people, and letting them know that their voice matters. That the work they are doing is making a difference. This is how we defeat Donald Trump and the GOP in 2020 and beyond. This is what keeps me going. This is what gives me hope!

2 thoughts on “Journal Entry #3: Reasons for Hope

  1. Thanks for passing on the information about the Cedarburg event – I just signed up to go! The energy you’re describing is real – you could “feel” it at the parades and Ozaukee Fair.


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