Update on Blue Moon Wisconsin

Hi everyone!

I wanted to do a write-up to give all of you an update on where we are at with the site. It’s been a few weeks since I wrote my last blog post, so I thought I owed it to all of you to talk about why the site has quieted down recently.

Things have gotten a lot busier for me than they were when I first launched the site at the end of July. I’ve been working for the past several weeks as a team leader for Elizabeth Warren’s campaign in Ozaukee County (where I currently reside). It’s a volunteer role, but I’ve taken on the work of trying to organize neighborhood teams for them in the area.

Since we launched our first campaign event in the county in the middle of last month, we’ve held two social events, and have plans for at least one event a week from now through the first week in November. All of our upcoming events check different boxes too, from joining the weekly trivia night at the Highland House this Thursday, to holding a debate watch party at Lobo’s Place in Grafton next Tuesday, and our October 27 kick-off canvass for the county.

The energy we have for Elizabeth’s campaign is incredible! We’ve had 21 different people attend three of our events so far, and an additional 17 people have signed up for at least one of our events. People from all over the state have signed up for them too, from Green Bay, to Waukesha, and parts of Milwaukee County.

We’ve also been attracting a number of new people into the campaign as well, meaning that many of the people who are volunteering for us and attending our events have never done any kind of campaign work or organizing before. This is how we bring about real, structural change! It’s by building a movement from the ground up that inspires people and empowers them. It’s been incredible working with such passionate people!

The time that I’m dedicating to that campaign is increasing since we have a core team developing here, and I’ve been offered the chance to organize a team up in neighboring Sheboygan county as well.

In addition to helping out as a team leader for Warren’s campaign here in Ozaukee County, I’ve been volunteering for the state and county party in helping them organize bridge-building canvasses. The purpose of those canvasses has been to knock on the doors of people who we know are registered to vote, but we don’t know the party affiliation of so we can identify how they feel about Democrats and Republicans in the state, and see what issues are important to them ahead of 2020.

There have been some fascinating stories that have come out of those conversations, some of which I’ll try to highlight in a separate article in the near future.

Those canvasses are vitally important. There are a lot of voters here in Ozaukee who vote every election, but who we haven’t talked to in years or ever talked to before at all. Identifying these voters, many of whom are becoming swing voters, is crucial data for candidates to have up and down the ticket next year and beyond. It’s how we can put a Democrat over the top in the competitive 23rd and 24th Assembly Districts, as well as in Alberta Darling’s State Senate District.

The Wisconsin Dems are holding statewide canvasses on the weekend of November 2nd and 3rd to mark the one year mark to the 2020 election. I recommend you head over to their website and see if there’s an event near you. Doing this work now is how we win this state, from top-to-bottom, in 2020.

I’ve also continued to write over at Behind the Buck Pass and Reviewing the Brew. I recently jumped over as a contributor to 93:20, which is a Manchester City blog and podcast site too. I’ve also taken on an intern role with Democratic State Representative David Bowen’s office where I will be helping out on various projects for his office.

Given all of those commitments that I have, it’s become much harder to write regularly for this site. I’ve put a priority on campaign work for the time-being, keeping up with the contributor roles for the sports sites I write for, and doing any work I can for State Rep. David Bowen.

In addition to my time becoming more limited, Anthony Bernardi, who’s joined our site as a contributor, has also found his time more tied up than we originally anticipated. Our combined time commitments to other things have kept us from launching a podcast like we planned to do when this site first went up.

I’ll try my best to contribute here when I can. We may have more writers coming on soon who are willing to help contribute to the site as well. We’ll try to keep up with content when we can, so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading our site!

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