A letter to the Wisconsin Republican Legislature

The Republican response to what happened last night in Madison is appalling. Our state legislature hasn’t passed a bill in 70 days (and counting) despite us living through the middle of a pandemic, and there being real calls to enact reforms to help bring an end to systemic racism in this country. Our unemployment site isn’t even working properly, but they refuse to take action to fix it despite having AN ENTIRE DECADE of legislative control to do so. They won’t even allow for a public hearing on basic reforms to policing too. This has meant that hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites have struggled to make ends meet, and continue to live in danger, while Republicans sit at home doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help their constituents during an awful time.

Now that some statues were taken down in Madison last night, Republicans want to introduce and pass a bill to make it a criminal offense to damage or remove public statues. Why is that absurd? BECAUSE OUR LAW ALREADY MAKES THAT ILLEGAL (see Criminal Damage to Property under our state criminal code).

What Republicans are doing in our state legislature should anger EVERY SINGLE PERSON in this state right now. Republicans have overseen hundreds of preventable deaths to COVID-19 (and counting). They’re doing absolutely nothing to help a growing number of people who are struggling make ends meet because of the economic fallout from COVID. They’ve done NOTHING to prepare our electoral system for a major election during a pandemic. They’ve done nothing to address any of the other major issues facing our state. These people don’t care one bit about us or our families. All they care about is virtue signaling to their base because they think it will help them win re-election. That is absolutely wrong.

Every single Republican in the state legislature is complicit in this mess. These lawmakers are just as bad as Trump and his corrupt enablers in Congress. They don’t care about democracy. They don’t care about people. They only care about themselves. It’s well past time they lose their jobs.

Saving the veto isn’t enough. Let’s flip the Assembly and send as many of these people packing as possible this fall. Our democracy and our lives literally depend on it.

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