About Blue Moon Wisconsin

Following politics can a feel like a chore in today’s modern media environment. So much of the focus in traditional media is on the theater of politics, rather than on the actual substance of what’s going in Madison and Washington, and how the decisions our governments make will affect people’s every day lives.

We’re also seeing more and more people turn to non-traditional sources of media to get their news and stayed informed on what’s going on. Unfortunately, a big part of that market has been cornered by bad actors, who are either seeking to distribute false information meant to sow division through fake sites posing as news, or providing the news from a certain political perspective that often results in spreading the same kind of disinformation as “fake news” sites. That further poisons our discourse and leaves out the perspectives of most who are seeking a honest, informative way to keep up with what’s going on.

Here at Blue Moon Wisconsin, we hope to change this by having a no-holds-barred discussion about Wisconsin politics that is grounded in detailing what’s going on in our state at the federal, state, and local level in a fun, but substantive way. We may be progressive in our politics, but we hope to change the conversation by informing the public of what’s going on, and encouraging everyone to be active participants in our democracy. That’s how we bring about real, substantive change.

Let’s build something together.