How you can take action to bring about real, substantive change

If you’re looking for ways to become more actively involved in fighting for real, structural change in this state and in the country at large, here a few ways you can get involved.

Organizations to Get Involved In

Democratic Party of Wisconsin

Donate to and get involved with the State party as we work to elect democrats to local, state and federal offices here in Wisconsin, as well as fight for the policies that can make a real difference in people’s lives right here in Wisconsin.

Swing Left

Donate to or get involved as a volunteer with Swing Left as they help us work towards flipping control of the State Supreme Court, and control of the Wisconsin State Legislature next year and beyond.


Donate to or get involved with Indivisible as they work to get progressive leaders elected, progressive policies enacted, rebuilding our democracy, and defeating Donald Trump’s agenda.

Democratic National Committee

Donate to and volunteer for the national Democratic Party as we look to defeat President Trump and the Republican Party across the country in 2020 and beyond. The national party’s resources will be essential in helping us flip control of the Presidency, Senate, and several crucial state races.


Donate to or sign-up with Arena to help us make sure that the next generation of progressive campaign workers and volunteers are prepared for work ahead of them.

Run For Something

Donate to or sign-up with Arena to help us make sure that the next generation of progressive campaign workers and volunteers are prepared for work ahead of them.

Moms Demand Action

Donate to or volunteer for Moms Demand Action as they seek to bring about real action on gun control.


Donate to or volunteer for Everytown as they seek to bring an end to gun violence in our country.

American Civil Liberties Union

Our rights are under assault all over the country right now. Donate to or volunteer with the ACLU to make sure people’s constitutional rights are protected.

Planned Parenthood

Make sure women’s reproductive healthy and rights are protected by donating to or volunteering for Planned Parenthood.

Fair Fight 2020

Help us combat voter suppression efforts in Wisconsin and other key states by donating to or volunteering for Fair Fight 2020.

Organizations or Funds to Donate to

Democratic Party Unity Fund

Join former President Barack Obama and others in donating to the Democratic Unity Fund which insures that whoever the Democratic nominee for President is will have a substantial fund to tap into after the Presidential primaries are over so they can defeat President Trump in 2020

Get Mitch or Die Trying

Donate to this fund created by the guys who bring you Pod Save America over at Crooked Media. Your money will go towards helping our eventual candidates for U.S. Senate once the primaries are over next spring/summer. Any Democratic president will need a Democratic senate. Let’s flip control of the chamber in 2020!

F**K Gerry(mandering) Fund

Also brought to you by the guys over at Crooked Media, help raise money for state legislative candidates in competitive races across the country by donating to this fund. Flipping control of state legislatures in states like Virginia in 2019, and Wisconsin in 2020, will help us bring about a non-partisan redistricting process across the country that will result in fairer, more competitive maps that empower voters.

National Democratic Redistricting Committee

Donate to this political action committee, created by former Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama, that is working towards bringing a non-partisan redistricting process to states all across the country. Your money will go towards State Supreme Court candidates and state legislative races that will play a critical role in determining who controls the new redistricting process in 2021.

Let’s build something together.